So, just where did "Abby's Road" lead to?
Sadly, when you're Abby Laporte and your father is
notorious, womanizing sex-pervert, Leo Laporte,
it didn't end well...

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
So, remember how you cheated on my
own mom with a shameless, filthy prostitute
and scheming, gold-digging slut,
broke up our family home of twenty years,
publicly exposed your own dick pics,
AND how you caused my mental collapse
rendering me completely unemployable?

You remember, don't you Daddy?”

“Well... therefore YOU should pay for my apartment, give me unlimited handouts whenever I call, replace all the phones I've lost, pay for all the cars I've wrecked, and pay all my other bills too, Daddy!

Also, are you going to eat that donut?”

A pitiful joke in his own industry and now
proving that he is as pathetic a father
as he is a so-called "Tech Guy",
the impossible has actually happened:

Corrupt con-man and
perverted, womanizing, sexual predator
Leo Laporte - his indolent kids have turned out
to be even bigger losers than he is!

Leo Laporte cheated on his wife and kids with a gold-digging prostitute